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Commonly asked questions about the Villa


Is there a washer and dryer?  Yes, we even provide laundry soap for you.

What about coffee in the morning?  We will have the coffee going when you get up for the day,  as well as tea.  We also provide breakfast which consists of fresh croissants, baguette from the bakery daily, jam & butter, yogurt, cereal, milk and juice.  Eggs are always in the frig. as well if you’d like to cook an egg.


Can I store things I purchased at the market in the refrigerator?  Yes we have 2 refrigerators and a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal.


Are there restaurants in town?   Yes there are several restaurants ranging fine french cuisine, to pizza to go, and several in between.  They are all a short walk from the villa in the village.  A restaurant guide will be provided for you at the house.  A fully equipped kitchen is also at your disposal, should you choose to prepare a meal at home, or just keep goodies acquired at the market in the refrigerator.

Are there stairs in the house?  Yes there are stairs in the house and all the bedrooms are located on the second floor.  The rise is shallow but please keep this in mind.  There are also cobblestone streets and uneven terrain in the lavender field so steady footing is important.


Is there Wifi?  Yes the wifi works throughout most of the house.  There are 2 bedrooms on the new wing however that may not get wifi.  We hope to get a device to extend wifi throughout the house this year.  (Things don't always happen in France quite as quickly as they do here).


Is there a T.V.?  Yes we have a television in the living room for your use.


Is the pool heated?  No the pool is not heated.  Depending on your tastes, we have had guests swim on both tours, but it tends to be warmer during the second tour.


Are sheets and towels provided?  Yes all linens (including pool towels) are provided.


Is the water safe to drink?  It is safe to drink the tap water.  It’s nice to take a water bottle with you for the day however, as water fountains for drinking are not too common.


What if I don’t want to go somewhere every day?  That is perfectly fine.  All excursions are optional.  If you’d prefer to lounge by the pool or enjoy a novel, painting or just hanging out “at home”  you are perfectly free to do that.

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If you have further questions, please write or call Beth at or 202 746-8200 and I'll be happy to answer them.

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