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Over the years we've received many thank you cards and letters from guests/students.  What we want students to feel is that they are invited to a friend's home as a guest.  Warm and welcoming meals around a common table, someone always available to help with translation issues or just a trip to the pharmacy or a lesson using the washing machine.  For Josie, it's the chance to share places that she feels are very special with others.  To create the kind of art workshop and atmosphere that I would want.   Here are just a few letters from former guests: 
 (References always readily available upon request).

You guys were the best hosts ever- Thank you so much for putting this trip of a life-time together.  F

This trip exceeded all our expectations!


Merci infinitment!  We appreciate your warmth, hospitality, patience and good humor!  What a wonderful trip this has been...and all of the great meals!                  D&T

Thank you for the wonderful week in paradise!  I really appreciated the time and space to work on my painting with a wonderful instructor and your lovely family.


Many thanks for your hospitality!  The dining, the cooking & taking care of us...


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