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The Best time to see the Lavender bloom in Provence.

3 Easy Steps so you don't miss this iconic event!

1. Visit at the right time of the year. Mid June through mid July is the peak of the flowering in the department called the Vaucluse. (This includes all of those picture perfect towns in the Luberon like Gordes, Roussillon, Menerbes, Bonnieux). If you are too early, the lavender is green, not purple. The flowers haven’t yet opened and emerged. If it’s much later than mid July, it could be cut which means there is really nothing to see for quite a while. For areas farther north and east (Valensole plateau) you have up until August. Keep in mind too that Mother Nature plays a big role in this annual show as well. A dry season can precipitate (no pun intended) an early harvest. Too much rain can delay the process, but in the 10 years that we have been organizing the tours, we have never missed it.

2. Go with someone who can take you there directly, who has 20 years of experience in the area and with some lavender farmers in France. You wouldn’t believe how many people who were there at the right time of the year stumbled onto a field, but were surprised not to see more. You have to know where to look!

3. Share this “bucket-list” trip with someone special. Your sweetheart, a best friend who now lives far away. A sister, a brother, daughter, son or grandchild. Seeing the lavender is a highlight, but there is really something for everyone here. Historical sights, market shopping, meeting locals, sunning and swimming in our pool, wine tasting and learning how to slow down from a culture where “joie de vivre” is an art. We make all the logistics easy from finding a great house where you can unpack and relax, to picking you up at the airport or train station. Let us do all the driving, planning the sightseeing and know that we have picked a great assortment of the best sights to see in the area. Many of our repeat guests can attest to this!

How did we find our favorite “lavender fields? Thanks to our good friends Jean-Marc & Kristin Espinasse of “French word a day fame” . These terraced, picturesque, checkerboard fields of lavender, vines, wheat and sunflowers truly take your breath away. The best part is that they are less than 30 minutes drive from the villa! It’s easy to see them the first morning after your arrival day and one evening at sunset when the purple turns into a magical blaze of fuscia.

I invite you to experience Provence with us this summer. For more details, images and inspiration please visit; We still have some rooms available.

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