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What comes to mind when you hear "group tour"? Think again!



You may finally be feeling safe enough to travel. After dreaming of all the places to go and see, it's tempting from your armchair to over schedule. To visit several cities in a few days, moving from place to place with a rental car does maximize flexibility and spontaneity, however the reality is that finding safe parking in Europe can be challenging and the anxiety of leaving the luggage in the car while visiting sites between lodging is anything but relaxing. Researching the best sights to see in each locale also takes time. Imagine booking several Airbnbs and coordinating arrival times and key drop off multiple times with the foreign owner on the phone. Nesting in your new Airbnb, only to have to pack it up in a day or two for the next locale. Researching restaurant options. There is an alternative.

Now imagine joining one of our small group tours, (10 guests max.). We pick you up when you arrive and help you settle into your French home for the next 8-10 days. You unpack, nest in your room and become acquainted with the new place. Every day you awake and breakfast is ready and coffee is on! We share our favorite sites in the area from many years of experience in this corner of Provence, so you know you are going to see something you will enjoy. We drive you to and drop off at these sights or markets, which allows you the freedom to explore at your own pace. No big umbrella to follow but suggestions on what to see and do while there. Meanwhile your valuables are at home, not in the parked car. You can relax and enjoy the experience.

At the end of a day out exploring, imagine coming "home" to snacks on the table and dinner being prepared. Chef Guillaume (my husband) has been preparing dinner. For some meals, you are free to explore restaurants in the village or wherever we are sightseeing for the day. Other meals are served at home, usually al fresco on the terrace. Guests often say that these nights around the group table are their best memories.

If you are a solo traveler, it's easy to find someone who'd like to explore a restaurant in the village with you. If you need a little alone time, you can find a quiet corner of the house or yard to yourself. A morning or evening stroll is a great way to explore the village on your own.

We offer a sightseeing tour during the lavender season and several painting workshops with this same small group model. Painting on your own sounds romantic, but imagine trying to move your "painting gear" several times while paintings are drying and constantly looking for a workspace that won't be ruined by paint. You will have your own space to store your gear, to clean up at night and to prepare your "kit" in the morning during our workshop. The small group energy painting together is delightful and powerful. I have never experienced a competitive vibe in many years of doing this, only a supportive network, encouraging others and sharing knowledge.

We still have a few spots available for this summer. Here are links to the 10 day Lavender Tour and the Painting Workshops. For more information visit:


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